Columbia University’s Earth Institute and School of Professional Studies developed the Master of Science in Sustainability Management to train professionals in sustainability. The program emphasizes skills and knowledge that are needed to integrate sustainability in business, and in public and non-profit organizations. The coursework combines the study of management and economic and quantitative analysis with classes in the state of the art in sustainability practice and science.

The flexibility in this curriculum allows students to shape their coursework in ways that meet their professional needs. This flexibility attracts to the program both seasoned and early-career professionals who are already working in sustainability or who wish to transition to the field. The program offers part-time and full-time options and evening classes.

Students learn from the distinguished scholars and scientists of the Earth Institute, Columbia University, and from some of the world’s leading sustainability practitioners working in New York City. Indeed, for the students New York City is a living laboratory for developments in sustainability practice, and home to the many employers who hire our graduates.

“A decade from now, all excellent managers will be sustainability managers,” says Steve Cohen, director of the M.S. in Sustainability Management program. Just as the definition of excellent management today includes effective financial, human and information management, soon it will also include effective sustainability management.”