Sustainable Finance

The Certification of Professional Achievement in Sustainable Finance prepares students to meet the growing demand for professionals who understand and can apply the fundamentals of both corporate sustainability and finance. Courses cover environmental risk management, the environmental, social, and governance issues that affect capital markets, project finance, sustainable investing, green and carbon accounting, and environmental markets.

The Earth Institute and Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies developed the Certification of Professional Achievement in Sustainable Finance to meet the growing demand for professionals who have interdisciplinary training and a comprehensive understanding of corporate sustainability and financial principles including green accounting and carbon accounting, environmental markets, project finance, sustainability investing and the impacts of environmental, social, and governance issues on capital markets.

This certification will introduce concepts of sustainability economics, investment, accounting, risk management, and communication to provide sophisticated training at the nexus of sustainability and financial management. Students will gain a foundation in the core concepts of corporate finance and an understanding of how environmental commodities markets regulate polluting industries and provide incentives for encouraging desired behaviors. Students will also analyze the “non-financial metrics” that accompany sustainability efforts.

The certification program is offered on campus and is available on to both full- and part-time students.  Students will learn traditional financial and accounting tools supplemented with sustainability-specific methods and topics. The certification program equips graduates with the practical information and tools they need to understand the impact of environmental sustainability in corporate financial management and in financial markets and enable them to prepare for and manage the consequences of both.