Academic Policies & Procedures

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Satisfactory Progress

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Leaves of Absence

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Student Services Online (SSOL) Registration Instructions

  1. Log in to SSOL using your UNI and password.
  2. Check your registration appointment times are under “Reg Appts & PIN”. You may only register during your assigned registration appointment times, which are available on SSOL.
  3. Select Registration from the Menu.
  4. Click Add to include courses on your schedule, providing the 5-digit call number. The 5-digit call number can be found in the Directory of Classes.
    • If you have successfully registered yourself for a course, you will see the following message: “Adding SUMA K1111 S001 was successful. The change is effective immediately. See the new schedule below.”
    • If you have not been successfully registered for a course, please follow the instructions provided by the error message OR select another course. Possible sources of error messages include, adding courses for which you do not have Instructor or Department permission to register, selecting two courses that meet at the same time, selecting a course that is full, or attempting to register for more than 18 credits per semester.

Registration Add/Drop Form