Course Registration

Cross-registration for Non-Sustainability Management Students

Spring 2018

Cross-registration for Sustainability Management courses will begin on Thursday, January 11. As of Thursday, January 11,  course registration permissions will be updated in SSOL and students can begin registering for SUMA courses.

A list of courses available for cross-registration will be posted below on Wednesday, January 10.

Cross-Registration Process:
Students register courses via SSOL, with the exception of students from the schools listed below:

      • Teachers College – Students must register through the Teachers College registrar. No permission is required for open courses. Any Teachers College student admitted into an instructor permission course will be notified by e-mail. Please take this e-mail to the TC registrar as proof of admission.
      • Law School – Please e-mail the Law school registrar or go in person at 500 WJW Hall for cross-registration information and processing.
      • Business School – Please e-mail the Business School’s Office of Student Affairs or go in person to 105/111 Uris Hall for cross-registration information and processing.